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"I'm learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma."*

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justusunicorns asked: I'd like to know why Bill Murray is in a fresco by Romani.

If I knew that, I’d know the answers to all of life’s mysteries.

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THE FALL OF THE KINGS Audiobook Anniversary!




One year ago today, 
Neil Gaiman Presents
 & SueMedia released the audiobook of the third book of the Riverside/
Swordspoint series, written by Delia Sherman & me, and read aloud by … me, making everyone sound as much like the voices I hear in my head as possible.

I’m joined by a cast of stellar audiobook actors including the great Simon Jones (Arthur Dent), Nick Sullivan (Newsies!) and Katherine Kellgren (Bloody Jack), soundscapes by SueMedia, and original music for the series by young composer Nathanael Tronerud.  

You can hear samples here, including Neil Gaiman as the King in the Dreams (an irony not lost on us!).

Throughout the day, I’ll be reblogging old posts about the novel.  I hope that this does not annoy you.

Happy first birthday, beloved audiobook!  I hope that there is cake.

I scored this audiobook, as well as the rest of the series! You can hear some of that music and more on my soundcloud:


Thanks, Nate!

Everyone, go listen to his music - it’s amazing all by itself. 

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Today, if you must know, I don’t like living at all. But that’s just immaturity boggling at the sad face of failure. Tomorrow I’ll be bright as a bedbug again.

Dorothy Dunnett, The Disorderly Knights (via cinnamonflavored)

One of my college friends (another Dunnett fan) always said her autobiography would be titled Disorderly Nights!

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